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Recently Hertfordshire Highways resurfaced a section of road in
Pixmore Way. This apparently necessitated some "on the spot"
calculations. Unfortunately, perhaps due to a paper shortage, the
footpath was used instead. Now, if my child or yours had done this,
they would probably have been prosecuted for vandalism! Why are
Hertfordshire Highways exempt from the law?

Letchworths hidden Gems

Sierra 1- Pc Stamp's (actor Graham Cole's) car from The Bill.

Sierra1 featured in the opening sequences of The Bill for many years-seen weaving through traffic with siren blaring and blue lights flashing. Its long time driver,Pc Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) was a regular and popular character who appeared in the series for 25 years and was sacked in acrimonious circumstances in 2009.

Bad press – what bad press?

Apparently oblivious to the recent bad press, a "worker" relaxes while he watches his colleagues trimming trees in Howard Garden this week (the garden is still closed and no progress to be seen) When are we getting our Park and Gardens back?