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HELP running scared?

A SCATHING reaction to backdoor efforts by Letchworth's ruling HELP group to bring down the council are being reported by the Comet newspaper here and here.
   No-one should be surprised. Over the last few months, HELP has lost all credibility because of its outrageous treatment of the six former female members of staff.
   The council reneged on staff contracts, and HELP supporters sent them abusive emails and hacked the old councils website with pornographic images. Now running scared, HELP is seeking to force the issue rather than face being kicked out of office.
   That's because townspeople are increasingly warming to the idea of a positive council that works in partnership with the Heritage Foundation to support and promote the town – which HELP has singularly failed to do.
   The only thing HELP has managed to do is lose hundred of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, most of it spent on lawyers and none of it on community projects.
   Instead of risking another election, HELP is now looking for any underhand method it can find to thwart the democratic process: that's because it only narrowly won the last election – in most of the seats the voting split was 48-52% on a turnout of just 38% – and it fears a severe kicking next time round.

   The lies that HELP candidates peddled when standing for the last election – such as claiming that taxes would rise by 2,000% – are now coming back to haunt them.
   Meanwhile, few in Letchworth would trust North Herts District Council – which was strongly against the creation of a town council – to carry out a fair and honest assessment.
   But there is an alternative: a low or zero-precept town council working in partnership with the Foundation to embrace the future while empowering individuals and community groups.
   The old war with the Foundation – which is itself now under forward-looking and progressive new management – is over. HELP, by pursuing its bone-headed vendetta, serves only to hold the town back at a time of national and global economic crisis.
   Now is the time for all of us to pull together to ensure the town's future well-being and prosperity. For that it needs its own voice. To heal and not divide. A voice of harmony, not discord.
   HELP councillors must now follow Jackie Angels example – resign, or join with us to help the town to move forward. To do good – or, at the very least, to do no more harm.

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  1. We thought HELP would just cut the taxes they misled us, I never wanted them to behave as they have. It would be good to have postive council that worked with the Foundation, we wouldn't vote for them again lets have something new and some nice people again


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