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Has Bryan Ellis fled to Azkaban?

WHERE is Letchworth town councillor Bryan Ellis?
  Although he has sold his house and moved to an unknown destination, his defenestration has yet to be confirmed. The only resignation announced formally thus far is that of Jackie Angell in Grange ward. Jackie is the second Grange councillor to quit HELP.
  Some are keen to pursue a 'Harry Potter line' with HELP, given Ellis's links with JK Rowling's charitable foundation. His ties with Letchworth's Heritage Foundation, when it was run by you know who (himself also, mercifully, now history), are better known.
Missing – Cllr Bryan Ellis
  As Death Eaters go, which one is he – Crabbe? Goyle? Malfoy, perhaps? One thing is for certain – he no longer lives in Manor Park (the house has been sold), and clerk/HELP Cllr Ian Mantle will not reveal his new address. Maybe he's in Azkaban..?
  Clearly, Ellis cannot continue to serve as a councillor – which is to say, he can hardly carry on being what he never properly was. Whatever, it is time for him and the other HELP councillors to follow Jackie's example and abandon HELP and its brainless, self-defeating vendetta.
  As we said before, we have a councillor who isn't a councillor and a council that won't act as a council – HELP!

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