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Two HELP councillors down and out — how many more to go?

WE REPORTED last week that Cllr Bryan Ellis was under pressure to quit the council after HELP's disastrous management of the employment tribunal against former staff. He has finally gone!
  In fact, two HELP councillors have now resigned, although the (HELP) clerk has yet to release details. Last year, they kept secret the resignation of a Grange councillor and appointed one of their own placemen. It is not democratic, not fair — and fits perfectly with previous actions of this outrageous regime.
  Cllr Ellis chaired the top policy and resources committee — the same one that made the staff redundant. Thus he had no choice but to finally bow to public pressure, and resign. He also works for J K Rowlings' charitable foundation, which has been forced to fend off requests for comment from the national press.

  In fact, it is worse than that. He was not actually living in Letchworth when he was helping to persecute the staff. Would he now like to use some of the cash from the sale of his house to repay Letchworth taxpayers for the huge legal costs that he has helped to run up?
  Meanwhile, HELP has not informed councillors of his departure, and until last week the website still gave his old address as current. We were alerted to this by members of the public who were trying to contact him for help in local matters.
  The clerk still refuses to pass on his new contact details. How can we have a councillor who won't say where he lives or allow people to contact him? The answer is: only with a council like this.
  So, in an extraordinary turn of events, we have a council that isn't a council and councillor who isn't a councillor. Help!

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