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FEEDBACK : HELP silent - what they should say sorry for

A resident has sent us this post about the court hearing :

Reading the Judge’s report on the nasty actions of the Help people, who took over our     town council against the staff and their total lack of probity, surely townspeople can expect them to show some decency and resign.

It takes nasty people to seek to destroy our former town council from carrying out its good work for the community and disadvantaged people within it.  Now their appauling treatment of the staff has been revealed in this verdict.

When can we expect an explanation from some Councillors? Would Councillor Heaton their IT expert comment on how the Council’s web site was hacked into and ponographic material put on it, and the vicious comments made to staff?

A comment from Councillor Ritchie whose Helpless formation and handling of the case and refusal to advise going to ACAS for free has proved to be pathetically inadequate and comment on how he continually misrepresented the proceedings by informing fellow councillors that the case was going well for them and that various actions by the former staff had been ‘struck out by the judge’

A comment from Councillor Mantle the Clerk to the Council explaining why as proper financial officer and advisor to the Council (within the Clerk’s role) he has allowed them to spend approx £200,000 in legal fees the payments that now have to be made to the staff and any claims they may make for costs and losses and compensation for their appalling treatment as confirmed by the judge.

A comment from Councillor Groves (responsible for the Council’s financial affairs) on why his self styled non-spending Council looks like squandering approx £200,000 of the townspeople money whilst in office so far and perhaps more if the staff are awarded costs.  Why also are the figures spent on legal fees hidden in ‘contingencies’ to mask the outrageous sums.  In fact the sum due to the staff originally was just over £20,000,

A comment from Councillor Greener on statements that “the council would go to every court in the land until they got the answer they wanted and failing that to Strasbourg and the people of Letchworth would pay for it”!

 Now comments from all councillors on why the £200,000 should not be paid by all 22 of the HELP councillors instead of townspeople due to their negligence, mishandling and failure to carry out adequate risk assessment as will have be to be explained to the district Auditor and why they should nw resign for failing to provide value for money to taxpayers and to act properly and with integrity in the use of tax payers money as expected by the district Auditor.

They were charged with not wasting townspeople money when voted into office and have now wasted more that the previous council would ever have spent on community services.

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