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HELP turned down ACAS offer

At last Cllr Lovett chairman of the helpless town council has made public statements in an attempt to improve some sort of standing for the council in the community after the shellacking they suffered when losing the tribunal case against their staff.
   They carried out a vicious campaign against the staff from the day they were elected. Cllr Greener is on record as stating that he didn’t care if they spent every penny in the bank and had to ask the NHDC for more to enable them to take the case to the European Court in Strasbourg.
   The Helpless town council are needing a miracle to overcome their total loss of credibility in the town. Cllr Lovett has already lost any brownie points by saying that they took legal advice before going to the tribunal for a decision. He didn’t mention that they had approached four different legal practices before taking any legal action.

   Now anyone with half a brain knows that if you don’t get the answer you want from the first lawyers it’s logical to get a second opinion but I believe four shows vicious desperation. He also neglects to say that these six ladies offered to go to ACAS to save expense but this offer was turned down, an action that went heavily against them at a tribunal.
   It is now general knowledge that the council have spent £73,000 on legal expenses to no avail and their councillors must be looking at each and wondering whether they want to belong to this crowd whose mentality appears to be two slates short of a roof.
   Cllr Lovett as a first step to improve the Helpless image I suggest that information released to the press is correct. The salary of the staff for at the tribunal was £80,000 not £200,000. More brownie points lost

(Derek Hodgson, letter to the Comet October 2011)

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